A dolphinback like yourself learning to fly?Tok Timbu
Will Denison was the son of Arthur Denison. The death of his mother prompted his father to take them both travelling. He and Sylvia Romano have been linked romantically. Born in 1850, adapted quickly to living on an island with sentient dinosaurs. He was struck by his first sight of a Skybax, whilst staying in the northern forge city of Volcaneum and underwent the challenging training in Treetown and Canyon City to become a Skybax Rider Although ridiculed at first for being a "dolphinback" or a newcomer to the island, Will became an expert flier. On arrival to Waterfall city he studied Dinotopian linguistics.


Will was headstrong, fit and inquisitive. He frequently ran errands for his father and developed great racing talent. In the book "Journey to Chandara" he is 19.

In 1869, he and Sylvia Romano volunteered to be among a select group of skybax riders to go to Ebulon to learn the medieval art of Air Jousting.

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