207th mayor of Waterfall City and speaker for the senate, Waldo Seville lives the life of lavishness in Waterfall City. Strong defender of Dinotopian ethics and traditions, he is well versed in Dinotopian laws and other proceedings. It is not known whether or not Almasaur Ankylosaur is his partner, but in court he often sides with the dinosaur in most matters. He is the descendant of Don Jose' Louise DeLaronda Barco DeSeville, who was shipwrecked on Dinotopia in the 1700s. His patience as leader is tested the day the Scott boys arrive on Dinotopia, whose combined demeanor and the fact that they always get into trouble and break Dinotopian laws makes him feel like they will never adjust to being here! However, that all changes when he sees that their way of doing things was just what Dinotopia needs to solve their problems; and therefore suggests that the court soften their rigid outlook on their laws.

Waterfall City 1

Waterfall City

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