Hi, I've created this blog because I think that usernames (or useraccounts) are better than editing anonymously. Lets see why:

  • Having a username means that you have an identity;
  • Having a username means that you can show what you have done on a wiki(s);
  • Having a username means that you have a talk page;
  • Having a username means that the community can trust you, more than that of a group of numbers;
  • Having a username means that you can build a profile page, and tell the community about you;
  • or don't build a profile page, it is up to you...

By the way; a username doesn't have to be your real name, you don't have to tell Wikia any info about yourself, and you don't have to tell the community anything about yourself.

You can remain anonymous with a username

These are the main resons why people decide not to get a username:

  • They think it will be hard, and/or time wasting to make a user account (username);
  • They think they will have to send personal infomation to Wikia;
  • They think it'll be annoying to log in everytime they go on Wikia...

These are all not true; it takes very litle time to set-up an account, you don't have to send any info to Wikia, and most people don't clear the cashé so loging in is just a click away... I am just typing this to tell you that I welcome new users, and if your still not convinced, I welcome anons too. If you can/will please make an account so after awhile we will have a large, friendly, happy community on Dinotopia Wiki.

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