This is the latest news for Dinotopia Wiki!

Important information

  • I'm going to be redesigning the main page again. Any suggestions would be welcome! (blog coming soon)
  • I'm going to delete Siege of Waterfall City soon. Since this is an article, and doesn't really break any rules I'm happy for anyone to oppose this decision.

Category Tree update

In the Dinotopia Wiki:Community-corner, I said I had fixed the category tree. Well I did... and I kinda didn't. I was going to separate the books from the TV stuff. I've decided that this will be too hard, and too confusing for readers.

New path for the wiki

I think (in light of my category stuff up), that we should try to include the TV stuff in the wiki. I mean without saying it's non-canon, or categorizing it differently. I'd quite like feed back on this idea; so if your willing to give it please add a comment below. Anyone can add comments, you don't have to register. I will reply ASAP.

Well I hope this has helped to keep you up-to-date with what's going on. I'm going to try to give regular blogs from now on. A near month apart doesn't cut it IMHO.


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