Hi everyone! I'm Starfleet Academy and I'm the administrator/bureaucrat for Dinotopia Wiki.

DTV (but not digital-tv)

I've created this blog to talk about the Dinotopia miniseries and TV series. (I used to always get those two mixed up! lol) I made a poll on the main page back on the 1st of December last year. This has been a great success, the poll (at the time of writing this) has 28 votes. 22 of these are for making a section of the wiki devoted to Televised Dinotopia. (This is a term I'm now going to use to differentiate the miniseries & Series from the written Dinotopia works (books).)

The way it's going to work

I was going to set-up a new namespace to run this from, e.g Dinotopia_TV:, but I had my own reservations and was convinced by another user that this wasn't the best of ideas. Now I've looked into it in more depth, I have found that administrators don't have permission to add a namespace to Wikia wikis. This means that one has to request a namespace, and with limited namespaces allowed for each wiki I'd rather save those for later. I've decided the best way I can think of to set this "section of the wiki devoted to televised Dinotopia" is as such:

When completed users/viewers could go to Category:Browse and see the sub-categories "Content" & "Site Maintenance". Apon clicking Category:Content they would be faced with another choice: "Written Dinotopia" & "Televised Dinotopia"(?). Then clicking either would take the person to topics on, and only on; that subject.

What I'm aiming to do is separate the TV from the books. This is not because I don't like either of them, actually I found the books through the televised Dinotopia. I just think that this will help viewers find things on the wiki and editors edit. Rather than both subjects being thrown into a heap.

Happy editing from User:Starfleet Academy!


"Televised Dinotopia" is what I'm going to call the category currently. Is this confusing? do you have any other ideas? I'm open to suggestions:

Contacting Me

Please leave any suggestions for this new category tree on either: My talk page or in the comments below.
— Thankyou!

Update: 17 Feb

I've been looking at the poll on the mainpage. And I've decided that the articles about the Dinotopia (miniseries) and Dinotopia (TV series) should be written in a production point of view. But only the overview articles, e.g Sunstones will still be written from an in-world view. This makes the most sense. Disagree? Let me know!

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