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  • I live in some viking ship out in the sea
  • My occupation is being my self, viking or a skyloard.
  • I am a viking or skyloard.
  • DrShaw

    This is an early review from what I have read from the first book of the main series.

    So far from what I have read even tho i'm just half way though the book but it a pure awe world that you can almost touch from how well thought out it is and the all painting will make you stop and look for some time due to how well fitting it is in the setting. This book will spark your mind of thinking on how this world was even made. This will be edited more.

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  • DrShaw

    I have jump into a mess of editing. Many of these pages clearly need more editing and content adding to them and let this is my first day working on this wiki to make it better. On side notes....

    Dintopia waterfall city is a wonderful place from how the miniseries showed it. Higher standers. No crime and friendly people and dino! I have not read the book yet because i'm still waiting for them to show up at my door step. Then I can truly get into this dinotopian mood here!

    Edit 1 : 2nd day here and more page content work! woop woop! ..and yet there 350 pages that still need to be up-dated with info.. well! I have to keep chipping away at this to bring this wiki up-to-date!

    Breathe deep, seek peace!

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