Poseidos was a technologically advanced city in Dinotopia's ancient past, now sunken off the eastern coast between the main island and the Outer Island.[1] Once thought to only exist in myth, the existence of Poseidos was proven when Arthur Denison, Bix, Oriana Nascava and Lee Crabb, while exploring the World Beneath, came across the ruins of an underground city and found that the builders were the survivors of the great flood that enveloped the ancient island city.
Sinking of Poseidos

Sinking of Poseidos

According to myth, Poseidos was ruled by the ancient King Ogthar. Half man and half dinosaur, with a body of a man and the head of a Ceratopsian, scientifically called anthroceratops, he was renowned for his great powers of wisdom.

Arthur speculated that Poseidos was the original inspiration for the outer world's tale of Atlantis, which was said to be ruled by the god Poseidon.

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