Paraceratherium, is a genus of gigantic hornless rhinoceros-like mammals, belonging to the family of the Hyracodontidae. It lives in the Forbidden Mountains.


Paraceratherium is the largest land mammal in Dinotopia, even larger than the mammoths. Adult Paraceratherium are 16 to 18 feet tall at the shoulder, 29 feet in length without the tail, a maximum raised head height of about 25 feet, and a skull length of 4.9 feet. It is an herbivore that strips leaves from trees with its down-pointing, tusk-like upper teeth that occlude forward-pointing lower teeth. It has a long, low, hornless skull and vaulted frontal and nasal bones. Its front teeth are reduced to a single pair of incisors in either jaw, but they are conical and so large that they look like small tusks. The upper incisors point straight downwards, while the lower ones jutted outwards. The upper lip is extremely mobile. The neck is very long. Also the trunk robust, and the limbs long and thick, column-like.

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