Creatures the size of ostriches care for the eggs, keeping them warm in transit.Arthur Denison

Oviraptor (known as Ovinutrix in Pelledrine) is a genus of small theropod dinosaur.
Ovinutrix 001

Head of an western Oviraptor (also known as Ovinutrix)


Oviraptor is a birdlike dinosaur with a toothless beak and a bony crest on its head. It had feathers covering its body, and it is believed to have had "wings" (long feathers on forelimbs) and a tail fan. They are excellent brooders.

There appears to be two species of Oviraptor in Dinotoptia: a colorful one (Known as Ovinutrix) in the west (Pelledrine) and a blue-feathered one in the east (Chandara). The Ovinutrix is characterized by a red crest, a blue throat, and a purplish-reddish colored body. The eastern Oviraptor has blue feathers with a golden throat and a black crest.

They are commonly believed to be egg stealers, but in Dinotopia the western species help care for new eggs in Romano's Hatchery.

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