A Statue of Ogthar in the World Beneath.

​King Ogthar
is the mythical dinosaur-human hybrid king who brought peace to Dinotopia.

He has hardly ever been seen, except for carvings in the miniseries.[1] When Arthur Denison, Lee Crabb, Bix and Oriana Nascava journeyed to the world beneath they discoverd a statue of Ogthar, with the body of a man and the head of a ceratopcian, Bix then proudly refered to it as a anthroceratops, saying it was a symbol of strength and wisdom. Later when Cyrus Crabb, David Scott and Karl Scott journey to the World Beneath, they discovered another statue of of Ogthar, different from the other only in size.[2] While David saw it as a symbol for perfect harmony between man and dinosaur, Cyrus merely dismisses it as "mucky", saying: "Once a scaly, always a scaly" ("scaly" being an insult in Dinotopia, referring to dinosaurs as cold-blooded reptiles, when in paleontological truth dinosaurs did not have scales "at all", but thick skin instead, and are warm-blooded creatures related to birds). Ogthar is also seen as a Dinotopian god, for great temples were built in his honor, and a native Dinotopian swear (as said by Zippeau in the film version, "Oh good Lord Ogthar").[1]


  • Another Oghtar, in Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone (animated adaptation of Dinotopia books), appeared as main antagonist whom instead a human/ceraptosian hybrid, an immortal human warmonger with triceratop-like body armor that sought to conquer Dinotopia.

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