Nallab and his dinosaur partner Enit managed the Waterfall City library.

Nallab escorted Arthur Denison around the city on his first visit, introducing Arthur to many Dinotopian wonders such as the helicoid geochronograph and Arctium longevus.  Arthur was surprised to learn that Nallab was 127 years old at the time of their meeting.  Nallab also appeared to be a member of the Waterfall City Council.

Nallab cut a curious figure with his unusual three-pronged hairstyle, but he was a fount of information on all things Dinotopian. He was eager to please, and took Arthur Denison on routine tours of the city.


  • Enit and Nallab backwards spell "Ballantine," in homage to James Gurney's friendship with the founder of Ballantine Books, co-founder Ian Ballantine, to whom Nallab bears an uncanny resemblance.


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