Macrauchenia (literally "Big Neck") is a long-necked and long-limbed, three-toed ungulate mammal, typifying the order Litopterna. Macrauchenia resembles a humpless camel with a short trunk, though it is not closely related to either camels or proboscideans.


Macrauchenia has a somewhat camel-like body, with sturdy legs, a long neck and a relatively small head. Its feet, however, more closely resemble those of a rhinoceros, and had three hoofs each. It is a relatively large animal, with a body length of around 3 metre. One striking characteristic of Macrauchenia is that, unlike most other mammals, the openings for nostrils on its skull are atop its head.

Macrauchenia has a full set of 44 teeth.

Diet and behavior

Macrauchenia is an herbivore, living on leaves from trees or grasses. Because of the forms of its teeth, it eats using its trunk to grasp leaves and other food.

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