The Dinotopia digest novels were published starting in 1995 and are short chapter books aimed at preteens. They are not illustrated, but have covers by James Gurney and are written with his input. They are as follows:

  1. Windchaser by Scott Ciencin
  2. River Quest by John Vornholt
  3. Hatchling by Midori Snyder
  4. Lost City by Scott Ciencin
  5. Sabertooth Mountain by John Vornholt
  6. Thunder Falls by Scott Ciencin
  7. Firestorm by Gene De Weese
  8. The Maze by Peter David
  9. The Rescue Party by Mark A. Garland
  10. Skydance by Scott Ciencin
  11. Chomper by Don Glut
  12. Return to Lost City by Scott Ciencin
  13. Survive! by Brad Strickland
  14. The Explorers by Scott Ciencin
  15. Dolphin Watch by John Vornholt
  16. Oasis by Cathy Hapka

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