...It would seem that Crabb more often does the bidding of Gastrolith than vice versa.Arthur Denison
Lee Crabb was a notorious malcontent in Dinotopia. He was well-known across the island for his tall hat with its band decorated with shells and teeth; his smelly cigars, rude manners; and most of all his greedy, suspicious, and uncooperative attitude. Cast up on Dinotopia's shores in 1853, he had not accepted Dinotopia's ways even by 1863, and had had various jobs hauling ingots and dinosaur dung. He had tried to manufacture gunpowder and had made various attempts to find Dinotopia's hidden treasures. He referred to Dinosaurs as 'Scalies', and humans as 'skinnies',[1]of which was a tradition kept up approximately 150 years later by another malcontent: La sage.[2]

Lee met Arthur and Will Denison in the town of Pooktook and guided them to Volcaneum along with Gastrolith, a Pachycephalosaurus. Later, he traveled with Arthur and Oriana Nascava to World Beneath where they discovered ancient sunstone-based technology such as strutters.[3]


Cyrus Crabb from the miniseries is his son.[4]

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