This policy is here to keep all articles in Dinotopia Wiki following the same format. Like many wikis on works of fiction, this wiki's content has quite a few points of view. This should clear it up.


This describes the world of Dinotopia from the eyes of the characters. In other words, do not write "Dinotopia was a fictional island in which dinosaurs and humans coexisted." Rather write "Dinotopia was an island in which dinosaurs and humans coexisted." In-Universe covers characters, creatures, cities and towns etc., that are on the island.


Depending on which Dinotopia book (or televised Dinotopia show) you are looking at, the stories are set at different points on the overall timeline. Due to this, the tense should always be that of looking back in time.

So rather than: "Gideon Altair is a citizen of Pooktook" write: "Gideon Altair was a citizen of Pooktook", since obviously he could not have been alive in the 19th century when the Denisons arrived on the island. Even with the help of A. longevus! This also applies to the island itself: "Dinotopia was an island on which dinosaurs and humans coexisted."

Production view

This describes the real world. So write about this as though it is in a present day encyclopedia. Here is an example: "Dinotopia is a science-fiction series created by author and illustrator James Gurney."

James Gurney

Although James Gurney is a human that has bridged the gap between reality and fiction, his article should be written from a production viewpoint.