For Dinotopia Wiki to remain true to the original works by James Gurney, the site has this policy on canonical information. Since “what's real, and what's not?” does not have a clear-cut answer, please read on to avoid your information being altered or deleted.

Canon or non-canon?

See also: Main Books

All the books are canon, but especially those by James Gurney. This includes the illustrations that Gurney made, not just the text.

The miniseries and TV series are not canon. This is due to many changes being made to the overall storyline, culture and traditions, political systems etc. However, this does not mean that information from the TV based Dinotopia should be excluded. Just include the information in a section like “Non-canon appearances”, or similar. Here you may make observations as to the differences between the books and TV Dinotopia. (Please remain neutral, or your work will be altered!) This section, of course, does not have to be included in the articles of characters from the TV Dinotopia. (Which are welcome!) There is a project, based on the {{#NewWindowLink: wikipedia:Wikipedia:WikiProject|Wikipedia idea}}, devoted to the TV series called Wikiproject Dinotopia on TV, that you can join!

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