A WIKI primarily concerned with James Gurney's Dinotopia for Canonical information only.

Welcome to Dinotopia Wiki! This site is dedicated to creating an encyclopedia of knowledge all about Dinotopia. The wiki is being rebuilt, and not many articles are up to scratch yet, but everyone is encouraged to contribute. The more you contribute, such as images, information, etc... the better this site becomes! So be sure to contribute all you know!

This wiki is for canonical (official) information only, which is to say information taken from the works of James Gurney or other authorized authors that have contributed to the universe of Dinotopia. This is not the place for information on RPG characters or RPG scenarios. It can, however — and should — be used as a resource for people looking to research Dinotopia for their fanfics or RPGs.

Please use the Discussion tab if you have questions, comments or ideas.

Help with editing

If you need help you may contact Starfleet Academy or another admin, and they will help as best as they can.

Otherwise there are the Wikia help pages.

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