Ceratosaurus, a small cousin of Tyrannosaurus, but not as threatening.Arthur Denison
Ceratosaurus meaning 'horned lizard', in reference to the horn on its nose (Greek κερας/κερατος, keras/keratos meaning 'horn' and σαυρος/sauros meaning 'lizard'), is a large predatory dinosaur from Outer Island. It is characterized by large jaws with blade-like teeth, a large, blade-like horn on the snout and a pair hornlets over the eyes. The forelimbs were powerfully built but very short. The bones of the sacrum are fused (synsacrum) and the pelvic bones are fused together and to this structure (Sereno 1997) (i.e. similar to modern birds). A row of small osteoderms was present down the middle of the back.


Ceratosaurus is a fairly typical theropod, with a large head, short forelimbs, robust hind legs, and a long tail.

Postcranial skeleton

Uniquely among theropods, Ceratosaurus possesses dermal armor, in the form of small osteoderms running down the middle of its back. The tail of Ceratosaurus comprises about half of the body's total length. It is thin and flexible, with high vertebral spines.

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