The various savage inhabitants of the Rainy Basin are collectively known as carnosaurs. Though some believe them to be merely stupid, mindless savages, the carnosaurs are as intelligent as other saurians. However, they see civilization as unnatural and prefer to live as their ancestors did — hunting, fighting, eating meat. Though rogue carnosaurs sometimes wander out of the Rainy Basin looking for food or attack caravans, most carnosaurs are willing enough to leave civilized Dinotopians alone in exchange for gifts of fish and feeding rights on deceased saurians (see Place of Passing). Note that not all carnosaurs are carnivorous dinosaurs — some of the smaller species have forsaken meat-eating and joined civililzed society, most notably the Troodons.

In truth, carnosaurs actually refer to a specific clade of predatory dinosaurs which includes Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Giganotosaurus.


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