Captain of the pirate ship Condor. A huge, violent, but not unintelligent man whose personal history is unknown up until his escape from the prison at Hobart in Tasmania with the aid of Preister Smiggens, after which the two came into command of the Condor and began a career of raiding and plunder across the seas. When a storm drove their ship to Dinotopia in 1868, Blackstrap drove his crew inland across the Northern Plains and into the Rainy Basin in search of wealth, in the process capturing a family of Struthiomimus and a juvenile tyrannosaur, Prettykill. Following a canyon through the Backbone Mountains, they came upon a ruin whose streets were literally paved with silver and whose walls were of gold. The greedy pirates looted what they could and started back to their ship, but the Condor was wrecked by a six-year storm. Most of the pirates, seeing themselves stranded, were persuaded by Will Denison to give up their vicious life and become Dinotopians, but Blackstrap refused and made the mistake of returning to the Rainy Basin — where he had a brief and terminal encounter with Prettykill’s parents, Shethorn and Crookeye. Blackstrap was six foot four and over three hundred pounds, bald on top, with long, graying black hair and a thick mustache, snaggle teeth and a broad gut.


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