WB3 Black Fish Tavern
Black Fish Tavern was on the eastern shore of Dolphin Bay, and could literally be called a dive, because its clientele was primarily made up of the rough sorts who used submersibles to loot the shipwrecks around Dinotopia. (Lee Crabb, unsurprisingly, was a regular.) The bar was tended by two Kentrosaurus, Skull and Duggery; the air around the tavern stunk of coal smoke and the water was foul from dumped garbage — though some species of saurian found the garbage good eating. The Denison Expedition passed through here to collect Crabb’s submersible. Joseph, Fleetfeet, and Teegan McGregor also once came to the tavern in search of Crabb, and the tavern’s patrons forced Joseph and Fleetfeet to take part in three bizarre contests in exchange for the information they sought.