A fifteen-year-old boy, thin and dark-haired. His parents were killed in a sky Galley crash when he was four, and he was raised on a farm by dinosaurs, learning in the process to speak to almost any kind of saurian. When he became old enough to go out on his own, Birch and his Triceratops companion, Rogo, tried to establish a bean farm on the edge of the Rainy Basin. But flooding ruined their crops, and there was nowhere near to trade the food they grew, anyway. So when a pair of Dimorphodons brought them to the aid of the Habitat Partners of Freshwater, Magnolia and Paddlefoot, who were trapped in quicksand, Birch decided to abandon the farm and accompany Magnolia on her search for the source of the Polongo River’s shrinkage instead. Though his aid was instrumental in solving the problem, Birch felt unappreciated — it seemed that the Habitat Partners were getting all the credit — and doomed to a lifetime of unsuccessful farming, until a parade from Waterfall City, with Magnolia in the lead, restored his good spirits and gave him the recognition he deserved.


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