Arthur Denison was the keeper and creator of the journals that was discovered by James Gurney over one hundred years later in a Chinese trade post.

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He was the father of Will Denison. He took his son Denison on his ship in 1862 to explore in uncharted waters to try to remove his son mind from his mother death. They sailed into a raging storm that tore the sails down and hit his shoulder which almost knock him out. His son tried to help him but the storm rip them off their ship. After that he found himself with his son pass out on a sandy beach, still fanty remembering holding onto the dolphin fin with all of his remaining energy. He soon find out that their on a lost island. He and his son stood there in the heat of the sun that soon force them to go into the thick forest ahead. They soon heard dinosaur sound and then a reddish dinosaur appeared out of the trees making clicking sound. He quickly told his son to get behind him and then pick up a rock. He soon throw the rock at the dinosaur when it got near and that made it reacted in pain (even tho the injury was very minor to it). But to soon find out there was even more dinosaurs near by which surrounded them. Then a woman appeared out from behind the largest dinosaur. To his surprise that she help the hurt dinosaur that he injure and got a bit embarrassed from that. He was perspex to find out she spoke a very old form of old english which he barely understood from a few words he knew. She soon jester to follow them back to the hatchery. He soon found out that all dolphinbacks (human) had a strong relationship with all the dinosaurs on the island that he found out was name Dinotopia. Soon after that he found out that the same dinosaur he hurt could speak english and was name Bix. After the some time he became friends of Bix and Oriana Nascava.

He was a man of science and learning.

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