Non-Canon The subject of this article or section is non-canon since it only features in noncanonical material, such as the 2002 miniseries, or features material that otherwise conflicts with accepted canon sources.

26 was a Chasmosaurus whom Karl Scott was partnered with. 26 was very much a miracle. Whilst her mother was giving birth, a group of Tyrannosaurus rex stormed through the village, trampling her mother to death. 26 was the only egg from her mother to survive the attack. A skybax rider brought 26's egg to the hatchery.

Her egg was assigned to Karl's care, and she was expected to become his dinosaur partner upon hatching. She was named for her egg number, as Karl initially resented his responsibilities to the point of not giving much thought to a name. 26 was as adventurous as Karl and swiftly grew attached to him. When Karl tried to leave Dinotopia, she threw herself into the sea trying to catch up to him. Karl gave up on his chance to escape (which would probably have failed anyway) to rescue her. From that point on, he embraced his responsibilities and cared for 26 as a father might for his daughter.

Karl brought 26 with him when he attended his brother David's graduation ceremony in Canyon City . She was briefly taken away from Karl when he and his brother were accused of treason, but they were reunited after the Scotts saved Dinotopia by rediscovering the source of the sunstones. Karl's father Frank Scott, who had been living in the World Beneath and was still getting used to dinosaurs, was introduced.